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Here are just a few of our Frequently Asked Questions, and you may have many more.
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1. Is my parking lot ADA compliant? What do I need to do to make my parking lot ADA compliant with Federal, State and Local accessibility requirements?
  • Newly constructed parking lots are often required to be striped according to ADA parking lot compliance standards as well as state and local regulations.
  • Large residential and commercial parking lots are often required to be configured  to ADA requirements prior to being issues an operating permit.
  • Parking lots are required to hold a minimum number of parking slots for each 1,000 square feet of utilized facility.
  • Are you ADA compliant?  KP Striping takes the guess work out of planning your parking lot layout. Call us today to schedule a Free Parking Lot Assessment.
2. I am a small business, how many handicapped-accessible parking spaces and handicap van parking spaces am I required to have?
  • Each situation depends on a number of different variables. With passage and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 all businesses are now required to have a certain number of handicapped-accessible parking spaces as well as van parking spaces.
  • We will examine your facility and determine exactly how many ADA required accessible parking spaces you are required to have as well as their sizes, layout and all the specifications you need to be 100% complaint while respecting your budget.
  • We offer a free ADA compliance parking lot assessment. At KP Striping there’s never an upsell. We’re your trusted partner and we will show you exactly what needs to be done to reach compliance while respecting your budget, your schedule and your clients.
3. How are handicap parking space requirements in Texas different than federal ADA requirements?
  • The Texas Accessibility Standards specify the parameters for ADA compliant parking lot provisions in Texas.
  • The TAS specifications regulate the size and placement of handicap accessible parking spaces.
  • The TAS has been certified as being equivalent to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, so parking spaces designed, constructed and marked according to the TAS are also compliant with the national ADA requirements.
  • At KP Striping we keep current with any changes to Texas, federal and local standards and ensure our clients’ properties are ADA and TAS compliant and meet local parking lot compliance regulations.
4. I am a property manager for several multi-family residential properties. How are my parking lot accessibility requirements different than ADA and TAS under the federal Fair Housing Act?
  • We work with property managers, property owners and landlords helping them fulfill any reasonable accommodation requests they have decided to make to accommodate their tenants with disabilities.
  • We will do the job right and make the most of your money to ensure you have exactly what you need to grant any reasonable accommodation requests, or meet any requirements you have deemed necessary.
  • Call us today for a free assessment and quote!
5. Can you work directly with Facilities Managers to handle large scale parking lots of Convention Centers, Sports Stadiums, Corporate Office Buildings, and Event Centers?
  • A correctly designed parking lot layout is critical for facilities that can swell to huge numbers of pedestrians and automobiles.
  • We work closely with facilities managers, property managers, investors and owners to ensure the highest quality parking lot design layouts.
  • We work with you to facilitate optimal traffic flow and handle high capacity and high traffic parking situations, while also handling the complex ADA parking lot requirements such as those for large high-volume facilities.
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